Insurance and Financing Assistance

The Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan aims to ensure our treatment is affordable for all our patients, from children to adults. That’s why we have trained Treatment Coordinators to optimize the benefits of each patient’s insurance plan, dedicated to assisting you in the process by offering timely information both in our office and on our site.

We encourage all patients to take advantage of the Patient Portal page to navigate the insurance coverage process. It’s a valuable resource that can augment your experience with us. You should also call your insurance company to check on benefits before you visit us. We don’t want you to be surprised with any charges or fees that you are not aware of.

If you have any more questions for us about the insurance plans we take or how to finance your treatment, please feel free to call us at 586-203-2150.

We will gladly file any necessary insurance forms or documents to assist you in processing claims. TMJ and/or sleep disorder treatments are typically filed with medical insurance, but some dental plans have limited coverage for TMJ. This is why you should always check with your dental carrier. Understanding your plan and its payment allowances is key.

Our Process

Once Dr. Roman Sadikoff has formed a diagnosis and created a treatment plan for you or your child, our office will send the appropriate information to your insurance company to ensure we get the required authorizations. Please note: no insurance plan will cover all the costs associated with treatment.

To understand your plan’s specific benefits, call a member service representative from your insurance company. Insurance contracts are between you (the member), employer and the insurance carrier.

We will try to get as much information as we can, but the insurance company could limit the information they give us. This is why you should contact the insurance carrier to obtain your plan’s specific benefit information in order to make an informed and educated decision while coming up with a payment arrangement schedule.

Financing Options

You may be wondering how you can pay for services not covered by insurance. We offer a few different financing options for your convenience:

  • CareCredit
  • Credit cards
  • In-office financing

Please call us to determine the right payment method for you.

Contact the Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan

To ask more questions about the insurance plans we accept or the financial plans we offer, call the Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan today at 586-203-2150.