Sleep Apnea Treatment for Children in Metro Detroit

Did you know that sleep apnea affects up to four percent of children, many of them between the ages of two and eight years old? You try to do the best you can for your child as a parent. It may keep you up at night not knowing if they are getting enough sleep. You may notice that your child is acting extremely tired during the day, complaining of a lot of headaches, and is having issues while concentrating in school. All of these issues often originate with sleep apnea.

In fact, many cases of childhood ADHD are misdiagnosed, and actually stem from a lack of quality sleep. We treat many adults with CPAP machines here at the Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan but we approach children differently, treating them with orthodontics. Specifically, we fit them with customized oral appliances that aim to open up the airways through jaw placement adjustment.

Bring your child in for a consultation. This is the only way to be sure. We take many insurance plans, and the process only takes a couple of appointments to complete. We’re located in Chesterfield MI, your trusted local providers of accurate sleep apnea treatment for children in Metro Detroit.

To seek effective sleep apnea treatment for children in Metro Detroit, contact the Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan at (586) 203-2150. 

Why Choose Us for Pediatric Sleep Apnea Treatment?

If your child is exhausted all the time, has fitful nights of sleep, acts drowsy during the day, and is doing poorly in school, they could be suffering from sleep apnea. Come to us to find out the real reason.

There are many reasons why the Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan is the best around when it comes to sleep apnea treatment for children in Metro Detroit, such as:

  • We offer custom treatments that fit your child’s unique needs.
  • We’re a local company — not a faceless national corporation.
  • We are known as local experts when it comes to sleep apnea treatment for children in Metro Detroit.
  • One price that encompasses all services.
  • We take state-of-the-art dental scans, never any messy impressions.
  • Personalized service, welcoming environment and attention to detail.
  • Offer home sleep study tests that are FDA approved and 100 percent accurate.

We know you have to trust the provider who will be treating your child. To that end, you will be happy to know that our own Dr. Sadikoff was trained by internationally respected experts in the field of sleep disorders and craniofacial pain, taught by the globe’s top practitioner of TMJ treatment and sleep therapy. Because we only treat sleep disorders, TMJ, and craniofacial pain, we are the leading experts in pediatric sleep apnea treatment.

As a parent, you may have noticed the headaches, the mouth breathing, the teeth grinding, the constant waking at nighttime. You may have a drowsy child who has a hard time concentrating on tasks during the day. Because you know your child best, you have to be their advocate. If you suspect they have a problem, get answers from the leading experts in the field.

Contact the Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan

If you think your child has sleep apnea, call and schedule your child’s consultation for sleep apnea treatment in Metro Detroit. Let us get at the root cause of the problem for a definitive diagnosis. Contact us at (586) 203-2150 or request an appointment online.