TMJ Treatment Near Harrison Township MI

If you reside in Harrison Township and suffer from TMJ pain, we provide a valuable resource near you. We are Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan and we are experts in temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). This dysfunction is something that 10 million Americans suffer from, with TMJ pain leading to trouble swallowing, teeth grinding, frequent headaches and facial pain. If you want answers, we can give them to you.

Contact us for a consultation today, whereby Dr. Roman Sadikoff and his staff at Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan provide comprehensive TMJ treatment near Harrison Township MI. Seek help today because you don’t have to live with the pain!

TMJ facial pain treatment is one of our main specialties, built on the newest diagnostic equipment that can offer treatment for TMJ disorders, facial pain and sleep apnea. In fact, we do it right here in the office for your convenience. If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, you may have issues with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

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What to be on the Lookout For

Symptoms that could require TMJ treatment near Harrison Township MI include:

  • Pain in the temporomandibular
  • Aching pain in ear or facial pain.
  • Pain or tenderness in jaw.
  • Joint locking.
  • Pain while chewing or difficulty while chewing.

This not a comprehensive list. There may be more symptoms, but if you suffer from any of these on a chronic basis, call us right away for a consultation. We will provide a solution to your pain without invasive, painful surgery through customized plans by a well-respected professional in the industry.

Dr. Sadikoff’s Process

Dr. Sadikoff, who completed his training at TMJ & Sleep Therapy International Center, brings all the right skill, insight and experience to give you a thorough inspection of your facial structure, unique symptoms and level of pain. This information helps him develop the ideal path of treatment for you. With TMJ treatment near Harrison Township MI, you can:

  • Get rid of dizziness and improve balance
  • Stop bruxism, AKA nighttime grinding
  • Enjoy quality sleep without discomfort or pain
  • Relieve mouth pressure
  • Increase mobility of jaw joints
  • Protect teeth from fractures
  • Eliminate earaches, headaches
  • Minimize oral pain that makes talking, chewing and swallowing difficult

With 95 percent of our patients having success with TMJ treatment near Harrison Township MI, whether we offer you orthodontic treatment or the use of an occlusal device, you too can benefit from our help. Whether jaw joint pain is new to you or you’ve been suffering for years without a conclusive diagnosis, we offer a solution that puts an end to your worries.

It’s time to enhance your quality of life with TMJ treatment near Harrison Township MI.

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