TMJ Treatment in New Baltimore MI

TMJ Treatment near New Baltimore MI

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD): sounds like a mouthful but it’s really just jaw pain. This dysfunction is something that 10 million Americans suffer from, with TMJ pain resulting in trouble swallowing, teeth grinding, frequent headaches and facial pain. Are you one of those 10 million people? Not sure if you are or not? Contact us for a consultation. Dr. Roman Sadikoff and his staff at Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan are here to customize a plan that will help you feel like yourself again.

And with TMJ facial pain treatment being one of our top specialties, you will be glad to know our treatments are founded on the newest state of the art diagnostic equipment that can treat TMJ disorders, facial pain and sleep apnea right in the office. If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, you could have an issue with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Seek help today; you don’t have to live with the pain.

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Be on the Lookout For…

  • Pain or tenderness in jaw.
  • Locking of the joints or pain in the temporomandibular
  • Pain while chewing or difficulty while chewing.
  • Aching pain in ear or facial pain.

These are just some of the symptoms that could necessitate TMJ treatment in New Baltimore MI. If any of these describe you, call us right away for a consultation to take advantage of our state of the art treatment that can finally address your pain without invasive, painful surgery. Instead, we use customized plans crafted by a well-respected professional in the industry by Dr. Sadikoff.

TMJ Treatment in New Baltimore MI Proven to Work

Dr. Sadikoff trained with the TMJ & Sleep Therapy International Center. He has the skill, insight and experience to give you a thorough, proven assessment of your symptoms, facial structure and pain level. This will help him determine which treatment path is right for you. With TMJ treatment in New Baltimore MI, you can:

  • Stop nighttime grinding (bruxism)
  • Increase mobility of jaw joints
  • Eliminate oral pain that makes swallowing, chewing, and speaking difficult
  • Eliminate earaches, headaches
  • Get rid of dizziness and improve balance
  • Protect your teeth from fractures
  • Relieve mouth pressure
  • Enjoy quality sleep without discomfort or pain

You too can feel better with treatment. In fact, 95 percent of our patients are successful with TMJ treatment in New Baltimore MI, whether with orthodontic treatment or an occlusal device. So, whether you have been living with pain for years or you’re just starting to experience pain in your jaw joints, we offer a solution that works.

Get the quality of life you have been seeking with TMJ treatment in New Baltimore MI from Sleep Apnea Center of Michigan .

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